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Tribal / Bedouin Jambiya Dagger from Hadhramout,

Yemenite Tribal/ Bedouin Jambiya Dagger

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Origin: Hadhramout, Yemen

Date: First half of the 20 C.


Jambiya daggers from South Yemen specifically from Hadhramout also known as “Abdi” or “Gusbi” or “Bedouin style” and are characterized by the up-curving scabbard tip, sometimes higher than the pommel end. Scabbards are made of whole silver or sometimes leather covered with large silver mounts. The scabbard is usually set with red colored stones: Corals and/or Carnelian or just red glass. The great variety of decoration is possibly an influenced by the location of the region on the sea shore and the long time commercial relations with Indian and European merchants.

The tribal “Bedouin style” “Gusbi” Jambiya offered here also exhibit somewhat mixed decoration styles. Curved double edge blade with a pronounced central rib. I shaped horn grip with silver decorative mounts. Scabbard mounted with highly decorative silver locket, silver plate cover on the rounded part with chased silver buttons (Of somewhat European flavor) and a very long rising tip of silver set with corals and red glass.

Blade length 7 inches. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition. Minor pitted spots at the tip of the blade. Very impressive Jambiya.



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