Todungah, Baldric Belt and Hanger for an Ayda Katti Sword

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Origin: Karantaka, India

Date: 19C.

The Ayda Katti sword,  the traditional sword/ Agricultural tool of the Kodava people (also known as Coorgs), is carried in an open metal frame worn with a baldric belt on the shoulder. Also known as Todungah. Although the Ayda Katti sword is quite common, the Todungah is rather rare and not seen  much on the market.

An original 19C.  Tudunga belt is offered here.  formed of a brass ring with massive faceted central spike. The brass ring is pierced on each side for suspension, and a central bar with a wedge-shaped aperture to accommodates the ayda katti blade. The Brass ring comes with its original tooled leather belt sectors and heavy brass chain terminated with a brass hook to lock the belt.

It is shown below with an Ayda Katti sword mounted on the ring. The sword is NOT included

Ring dimensions are 5 X 4 1/2 inches (13 X 11 1/2 cm). Total length fully extended is 34(87 cm) inches. Very good condition. Light repairs on one of  the belt sector attachment  to the ring.

Provenance: Anthony Dove Collection  (1938-2021).

For a similar Todungah with baldric belt see V&A museum London, Accession number 2792&A(IS)


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