Sousson Pata Sword with Twisted Steel Blade

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Origin: Central India

Date: 18 C.


The “Sousson Pata” sword is of Indian origin, probably central India, also referred to as Sailaba. It is characterized by the down curving blade, much in the shape of a Turkish Yataghan blade and the tulwar style handle. Blades may have been traded from the near east to India and/or made locally

The exemplar offered here is an 18 C. very well forged blade from twisted steel ingots forge welded together, a quite common forging of early Ottoman blades. The blade with a pronounced T spine  is inlaid with silver inserts in the shapes of small pomegranates (several missing), and with long inscription in Arabic letters and the figures 116, may be standing for the year 1116 in the Islamic calendar (1704 in the Gregorian calendar). Fine Tulwar shaped steel handle  inlaid with gold and silver koftgari decoration.

Blade length 24 1/2 inches (62 cm). Total length 29 inches (74 cm). Good condition to age. Scabbard missing.



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