Small Prestige Dagger of the Baule Tribe

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Origin: Ivory Coast

Date: Late 19 - early 20C.


The swords and daggers of the Baule tribe are quite rare and sought after by collectors of African weapon / tribal arts. The Baule people  reside in Ivory Coast and Neighboring Ghana and known to be masters of wood work and wood engraving. Baule prestige daggers are characterized by the symmetrical leaf shape blade and with a scabbard decorated with red shells (Spondylus shell).

We offer for sale a nice small exemplar of a Baule  prestige dagger. Classical leaf shaped blade with a shallow central rib. The wood Handle   is inserted with metal strips of grey color, may be led or pewter. The scabbard is covered with hide and bound with reptile skin at the top.  The light red colored shell are attached to the front side of the scabbard (several missing)

Blade 9 inches (23cm) long. Total length 12 1/2  (32 cm) long. Blackened spots on the blade otherwise good condition. Authentic and rare item. End of the 19C. or very early 20 C.

For a similar (but larger) dagger see: Ethan Rider “100 African blades from 55 collections” page 208, item 95


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