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Silver Mounted Pedang Lurus Sword

Pedang Lurus Sword

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Origin: Sumatra

Date: Late 19 C.


The Pedang Lurus is an Indonesian short sword influenced by European style hunting swords specifically the handle and cross guard shape. Its origin is in a way questionable. Most references attribute it to Sumatra and/or Java. Some earlier references ( P. Holstein, C. Buttin see below), attribute it to North Borneo.

Most of the exemplar on the market has a straight , slightly down curving blade, double edged at the tip. Some less common versions has a straight, single edge blade with down curving tip, similar to other Pedang swords from the region.

The exemplar shown here is of the less common shape of blade: Straight, single edge with down curving spine tip. The blade is finely forged pamor steel. Chased silver handle and cross guard and chased silver covered scabbard.

Blade 18 1/2 inches. Total 25 1/2. Very good condition

For earlier references see:
P. Holstein, ARMES ORIENTALES, Tme II, Plate XLIX, items 82, 137
Collection Charles Buttin, Plate XXVII, items 889, 890


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