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Silver Mounted Ottoman Balkan Yataghan Sword

Balkan Ottoman Yataghan

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Origin: Balkan region of the Ottoman empire

Date: Early - mid 19 C.


Although Yataghan swords are commonly regarded as “Ottoman” they did find ways also far out of the empire borders. To eastern Europe in the west and as far as India in the east. Yet, most of the Yataghan swords are coming from the borders of the Ottoman empire. Yataghans with big wide ears are commonly regarded as “Balkan”

So is this fine Yataghan sword. Heavy, down curving blade, decorated with gold koftgari inlay work. The massive grips are cut and carved from big walrus tusks with big ears. Gilded silver grip strap set with large stones, corals and others. The bolsters are also gilded silver set with stones and decorated with filigree work. Very heavy, very well made silver scabbard. Finely and deeply chased in floral design. The long locket is pierced and gilded.

Blade 22 1/2 inches. Total 32 inches. very good condition. The left grip is cracked and repaired in the old technique of drilling along the crack and insert metal rivets into it. Very good age patina on the grips.

Although not dated this sword is from the first half of the 19 C.



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