Silver Mounted Long Kaskara Sword

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Origin: East Africa

Date: Late 19 C.


Early Arab swords had straight wide blade. This version survived well into the 20th C. in its straight wide form in the Sudanese Kaskara sword

The  Long Kaskara sword offered here is one of quality. Good broad double-edged steel blade with three fullers on its upper part whereas the central fuller goes down to the very tip of the blade. The blade is marked with the styled half moon common to this type of swords.  The quality and workmanship of the blade and the fullers may suggest a European origin. Steel cross-guard. The grip is bound with chased silver strips and cotton thread with a large tassel. Large silver pommel decorated en suite with the grip. Original tooled leather scabbard with silver locket and chape and two steel suspension rings.

Blade 35 inches (89 cm). Total length 42 inches (107 cm). Very good condition. Blade stained in several spots with some shallow pitting. The scabbard leather is slightly shrink make it a bit difficult to mount the sword. The sword will be delivered out of the scabbard.



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