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Silver Mounted Daharia (Sabiki) Jambiya Dagger

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Origin: Saudi Arabia

Date: Early 20C.


Daharia daggers (also callaed Sabiki in some places) are common dagger in the Hijaz, Asir and Jizan regions of western Yemen and South Saudi Arabia. Sizes vary from long dagger  to short swords.  The word Daharia is derived  from Dhura’eyah – arm long dagger (free translation). The Daharia is worn with a wide leather belt horizontally across the body

The Daharia offered here is double edged blade. The handle is heavy silver on the front  and copper on the back. Wood scabbard with leather cover and large silver locket and chape. Both handle and scabbard silver parts are decorated with filigree and  granulation work.


Blade 12 1/2 inches 32 cm). Total length 18 1/2 inches (47 cm). very good condition. Minor silver dent on the scabbard tip.



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