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Silver Mounted Arab / Yemenite Saif

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Origin: Yemen

Date: mid 19 C.


Fine saif from Yemen. The heavy wide blade is of classical Arabic saif shape with a wide fuller, widening toward the tip. It is engraved with simple design of sun and stars, imitating  similar engraving on European blades. Silver handle with a pommel reminding in a way the pommel of a Karabella sword and silver cross guard. Leather covered scabbard bound with spiral silver strip and mounted with  heavy silver mounts.

Blade 28 1/2 inches. Total length 37 inches. Very good condition. Minor blackened spots on the blade.

Sometimes it is hard to tell Yemenite sword from other Arab saif swords. However, the pommel shape, the mounts decoration and the spiral binding of the scabbard strongly support the Yemenite origin of this sword. A sword with a similar handle and pommel shape was on display in the National Museum of Yemen in Sana’a.

Authentic and rare 19C. sword



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