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Silver Mounted and Gilded Fine Turkish Yataghan Sword

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Origin: Turkey

Date: 1800


Although Yataghan swords are commonly regarded as “Ottoman” they did find ways also far  out of the empire borders. To eastern Europe in the west and as far as India in the east. Yet, most of the Yataghan swords are coming from the borders of the Ottoman empire. Yataghans with silver handles and relatively small ears are commonly regarded as  attributed to Turkey. However, as happens with the entire Yataghans family there are many exceptions and similar Yataghans are also found in the extreme borders of the empire.

The  exceptionally fine Yataghan sword offered here is dated to 1215 (1800 in the Gregorian Calendar). The blade is signed with a maker mark and engraved with dense inscription. The silver handle and the silver bolsters are decorated with Niello design. Both sides of the handle as well as the spine cover are also richly engraved with inscriptions.  The fine chased silver scabbard is gilded on the locket and the chape

Blade  19 1/2 inches. Total  26 1/2 inches. Next to perfect condition. Avery impressive, early Yataghan sword



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