Silver Moroccan Koumaya Jambiya

Koumaya Dagger

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Origin: Morocco

Date: Late 19th C


The Moroccan version of the eastern curved  dagger is known as Koumaya. It was used both by the Berber and Arab people in Morocco. It is characterized by a slender blade, usually dual edged at its lower half and single edge at the top (A strong Spanish influence). There is a big variety in the decoration styles and quality of the handles and scabbards. This fine example is from the end of the 19th century or first quarter of the 20th C.  A  9   inches blade with traces of etched image of a  horse and rider. Silver handle and scabbard finely chiseled and engraved with floral design and decorative carrying rings. Total length 16 inches. This Koumaya comes with original red cotton baldric belt. Very good condition.  Minor losses to the silver.




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