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Silver Assib Jambiya from Tihama, Yemen

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Origin: Tiaham, Yemen

Date: Early 20C.


The richness and variety of Yemenite Jambiya sometimes complicate accurate identification. Influence of styles and decoration technique from Saudi Arabia in the north and Oman in the east makes it more difficult.

Yemenite Jambiya are grouped in several styles, mainly depending on the social level of the owner.  The style known as Assib is usually worn by lower class tribal people. It is found all over Yemen with big variety of material and decoration styles.

The Assib  offered here is most probably coming from the Tihama  on the eastern coast of the red sea. It is a whole silver exemplar that show some influence from the Saudi Mecca style Jambiya. Classical good quality double edge curved blade with a pronounced central rib.  silver handle with filigree decoration. Whole silver deeply curved scabbard. This Jambiya comes with its original fabric belt embroidered with gold color threads. The back side of the scabbard is covered with the original leather cover.

Blade 8 inches. Total length 12 1/2 inches. Belt length 34 inches. Very good condition. Good untouched shiny age patina on all silver parts. Minor dents on the silver and minor worn areas on the belt. Original and authentic early 20C. Jambiya.

For a similar Jambiya see: Stephen Gracie, JAMBIYA daggers from the ancient souqs of Yemen, Page 135.


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