Short and Heavy Sickle Shotel Sword, Ethiopia

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Origin: Ethiopia

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


The Shotel sword s a deeply curved sickle shaped sword originated in Northern Ethiopia and dated back to very early times. Evidence exist of early use of Shotel swords in the kingdom of Axum in the middle ages. The deeply curved long blade was very efficient and used to  rip mounted warriors  off their horses and to hit opponent by reaching around their  shield. The blade of a Shotel sword varies between 20 to 40 inches. In the 19 C. Shotel swords were replaced with less curved Gurade swords mounted with European blades.

The Shotel sword offered here is a short version with heavy very well forged massive blade with pronounced central rib and shallow fullers on the entire length of the blade. The handle is two sectors horn. Blade length 20 inches. Total length 24 inches. Very good condition. Minor edge  nicks and losses to the pommel tips. No scabbard. Authentic and rare late 18 – Early 19 C. sword.



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