Rhino Hide Shield from Rajasthan, India

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Origin: Rajasthan, India

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.

Animal hides were used in India to produce war shields. The dry hide is very dense and stiff  material and it is believed  that thick enough hide can stop a bullet , not to mention  a sword hit.  Buffalo, Hippo and Rhino hides were extensively used.

This Rhino hide shield is coming from Rajasthan, India 18 C or a bit later. Almost translucent as can be  seen from the photo with strong rear light. Four  tall steel bosses are centrally set. The bosses are densely chiseled and gilded. A fifth steel panel, also chiseled and gilded is mounted at the top of the shield.

Diameter 18 inches. very good condition. Small age distortion of the hide on one side. Minor losses to the gilding. Inner hand cushion and handles are missing. A rare and authentic 18C. shield


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