Recade, Ceremonial Axe of the FON, Benin

Fon Ceremonial Axe

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Origin: Benin (Republic of Dahomey)

Date: Early 20 C.


Messengers of the kings of the Fon people from Benin (Republic of Dahomey) use to carry a ceremonial axe that represent the king and thus they were accepted with respect and obedience. These axes are also known as Recade.

The Recade ceremonial axe offered here is made of brass. Blade of classical shape richly decorated with engraving. Wood handle with a styled monster head with a statue of a small goat (?) at the top. Handle is entirely covered with brass decorated with dots punching.

Length 23 inches. Very good condition. Good age patina on the metal. Authentic piece, early 20 C.

For a very similar Recade axe see the William (Billy) Jamieson Collection sold by Waddington of Canada May 2014


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