Rare Tungi War Axe from Orissa, India

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Origin: Orissa, India

Date: Late 18 - early 19 C.


This unusual war axe is coming from Orissa (Odisha as of today) from east India. Triangular blade with long edge on a relatively short shaft. The blade back near the socket is decorated with simple engraved lines and circles.

Egerton name  this axe ” Ganjam” and relate it to the aboriginal and Non Aryan group of war axes.  Indeed in  a way this axe  remind the tribal war axes of the aborigine tribes of Chota Nagpur. Stone  name this axe “Tungi”

Blade 6 X 8 1/2 inches. Wood handle, total length 21 inches. Very good condition. 18C. rare authentic battle axe.

See also:

Wilbrahim Egerton “An Illustrated Handbook of Indian Arms” page 73 Fig 15 item 57
C. Stone “A Glossary of the Construction Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor” Page 642 Fig. 816


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