Rare Throwing Knife / Working Tool / Sword of the Bana, Nedjeny, Kapsiky – Cameroon.

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Origin: Cameroon

Date: Early 20 C.


The Bana people from Cameroon use this type of tool as a bush knife. It is carried by adult men as part of their standard attire (Ethan Rider, see below). It also described in many publications as a throwing knife of somewhat unusual shape and regarded as an early type and quite a scarce one. Westerdijk consider it a development of earlier throwing knife with a handle similar to a sword handle which expand its use as a tool.

The bush knife offered here is of typical shape, hand forged blade of wide sickle shaped head. Hide handle bound with weaved leather strips. Blade 6 1/2 inches (17 cm) long 3 inches  (8 cm ) wide. Total length 23 inches (59 cm). Very good condition.

See also:

ERtribal: Inventory 13-573
Westerdijk: The African Throwing Knife,  group III, type 4.
A. Zirngibl & A. Kubetz: Page 69, fig 128


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