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Rare Rentong Knife with Black Coral Handle

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Origin: Sumatra

Date: 19C.


Black corals (or thorn corals), are deep-water corals recognized by their jet-black or dark brown color. They has been associated with mystical powers and medical properties in Indonesian Chinese and Hawaiian cultures. The use of black coral as knives or swords handle is very scarce, mainly due to its softness and rarity. Not many exemplars are known. Few Sewar daggers associated with royal courts in Indonesia and several Piha Kaetta knives from Sri-Lanka

The very fine Rentong knife offered here is from the Acehnese people, North West Sumatra. The blade is 9 inches long down curving and single edged with steel bolster, forged from laminated steel. The hilt is a single piece rounded black coral with classical gold collar deeply engraved and enameled with green and black colors and gold plate at the pommel top. The scabbard is finely engraved wood. Total length 13 inches. Very good condition. Very impressive item. The second half of the 19th C .

Provenance: The Zimmermann collection


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