Rare Long Dagger from Darfur, South Sudan.

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Origin: Darfur, South Sudan

Date: Late 19 C.


This long dagger from the wide family of arm daggers is coming from Darfur. Triangular long blade better described as a short sword. blade of a  diamond cross section and with line engraved in a geometrical pattern. One piece turned wood handle with circulare pommel. scabbard The lower part is bound with a reptile skin, most probably a crocodile skin. Like many daggers from this region it was equipped with leather arm band (Now missing).

Blade 14 inches (36 cm) long. Total length19 1/2  inches (50 cm). Very good condition. Arm loop missing. Small  wood chip on the pommel disk. Repair of the reptile skin seam. Little age shrink of the scabbard.

For a similar dagger with references to its origin see:  – African weapons – sword and knife page1
Also Quai Branly museum article 71.1883.67.37.1-2.


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