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Rare knife from Sumbawa Island Indonesia

Rare knife from Sumbawa Indonesia

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Origin: Sumbawa, Indonesia

Date: 19C.

The Sumbawa Island in Indonesia was introduced to the Islam in the 17th c and formed the eastern limit of Islam In Indonesia. It was inspired by Makassarese of south Sulawezi and Malay  models of Muslim Sultanates . This dagger is a very rare unusual example from the 19c Sultanate Sumbawa. It has solid single-and false-edged blade blade 9 1/2 inches long, with silver inlaid Islamic inscriptions and magic numbers that were common in the Islamic world as a talisman of luck and safety. A single piece of rare Hippo tusk grip with chased silver collar. Carved wood scabbard with silver and brass bands. Total length 16 inches. Perfect condition.

For a similar knife see: Albert G. Van Zonneveld: “TRADITIONAL WEAPONS OF THE INDONESIAN ARCHIPELAGO” Page 74 fig. 281, 283


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