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Rare Early Alamang Sword from South Sulawesi

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Origin: Sulawesi, Indonesia

Date: late 19 C.


The  Alamang  sword is a Battle sword of  the  Bugis and Makassarese people in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is  a scarce and sought after by collectors. Charecterised by the long straight blade, sometimes of Pamor structure,  and flat large triangular shaped horn or wood handle.

The straight blade of the Alamang shown below is forged from  pamor steel. The spine is ridged. The handle with the triangular shaped forked pommel is  carved from  dark wood and beautifully chased silver collar. Original wood scabbard bound with rattan strips and two braided rattan bands. The scabbard top is marked with what looks as a collection catalog number 7426

Blade 18 inches. Total length 29 inches. As happens  in these swords, the scabbards are sometimes considerably longer than the blade, but it is authentic and original. Very good condition. Minor wood chips on the handle. A fine rare 19C Alamang sword.



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