Rare Dagger of the Tetela with Pommel Weight

Tetela Dagger

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Origin: Congo

Date: First half of the 20th C.

Tetela and Genya people from Congo as well as others use knives with a heavy diamond shaped steel pommel. Numerous suggestions for the actual purpose of this heavy pommel were given: To drop knife from the height of a tree, or to improve the balance and increase the blow of the blade. Both suggestions are nonpractical. The dagger is not balanced and the weight of the pommel diminish balancing. To drop it from the height of a tree is a very complicated task in the dense vegetation of the rain forest It is most probably a sign of status, wealthy and power, or for the use as currency.

The exemplar exhibited here is a very nice small one with blade delicately incised with lines and geometrical design. Wood grip bound with brass strips and classical diamond shape steel pommel.

Blade 10 inches (25 cm) long. Total length 13 inches (34 cm). Very good condition. No scabbard.


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