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Rare Ceremonial Klewang, Parang Betino Sword

Klewang Parang Betino Sword

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Origin: Palambeng, Sumatra

Date: 19 C.

The name given to this fine ceremonial short sword is Betino. It usually come linked to Parang or to Klewang class names of machete like swords. There are only few references to justify the name Betino

Very few exemplars are found in the literature and even less were seen in the market. A machete with a similar blade and handle shape but not a pierced blade is shown in P. Holstein (see below) defined as Golok from Sumatra. Stone Glossary show a similar sword but under the general definition of knife and suggested Java as origin. There are also some controversial opinion to the origin: Java or Sumatra. Most probably it is from Palembang, Sumatra.

Finely pierced and engraved blade. Single massive piece of ivory handle. Finely chiseled steel bolster with traces of gold inlay. Blade 16 1/2 inches. Total 23 inches. Very good condition. Age crack on the handle. No scabbard.

For similar items see:
P. Holstein, Contribution √† l’√©tude des armes Orientales. Inde et Archipel Malais, vol. II, pl. L, item 149
Stone, Glossary, p. 365, fig. 14


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