Rare Ceremonial Axe of the Vere, Nigeria

Vere Ceremonial Axe

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Origin: Cameroon, Nigeria

Date: First half of the 20th C.

The Vere people reside in the border areas between Cameroon and Nigeria. During funeral ceremonies, family members of the deceased carry a ceremonial axe with a long handle. Usually made from Iron and lately even Aluminum. The better and scarce ones are made of brass and nicely decorated like the one shown here.

Cast brass, decorated bolsters and ribbed handle with a ball shaped handle tip. 6 X 8 inches blade. 14 1/2 inches total length. Good condition. One tip of the blade is slightly damaged.

For a similar axe see: Peter Westerdijk, “AFRICAN METAL IMPLEMENTS, WEAPON, TOOLS AND REGALIA” page 20 56-57


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