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Rare and Unusual Double Sided Qama Dagger Dated 1331 (1912)

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Origin: Caucasus

Date: 1331 (1912)

Qama daggers as well as similar Kindjals has a distinctive front side and rear side. The front side usually exhibit higher level of workmanship and  decoration.  Few  Qamas are however made with both faces with the same level of execution. So to say, they double sided with no distinctive front and rear face. The band for the hanging loop is removable and can be mounted on either side so that the hanging loop and belt will always be on the right side of the dagger.

The Qama dagger shown here is such a double sided qama. It is of rather large dimensions: 24 inches (62 cm) long with a massive 17 inches (43 cm long. The blade is of classical cross section with off centered fullers. Handle and scabbard are heavy silver chase and deeply chiseled and decorated with fine niello work.

There are several Arabic inscriptions on this Qama, name and dates of the makers and owners:

Above the hanging band: صاحب علي اخا (Saheb Ali Aha), Probably the owner

On one side under the band:  صاحب علي اخا زدكي ادغ AP ١٣٣١ (SahebAli Aha Zarki Adga AP 1331)

On the other side under the band: عمل حسين (Amal Husein)

On one side of the removable band itself: صاحب علي اخا ١٣٣١ (Saheb Ali Aha 1331)

This Qama is dated to 1331 in the Islamic Calendar (1912 in the Gregorian calendar)

Very good condition. Minor dents on the silver scabbard. Rare and authentic dagger

Price: On request


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