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Rare and Unusual Black Sea Yataghan (Laz Bichaq)

Laz Bichaq Yataghan sword

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Origin: North East Turkey

Date: Late 19 - early 20C.


The origin of this unusual and rare sword was in a fierce debates between collectors and researchers of blade weapons. It was attributed to the Caucasus, Kurdistan, North Africa, Turkey, Malaya as well as other origins. However, most probably it is coming from North / East Turkey and found in neighboring trans Caucasian areas as well. It is best known as “Black Sea” Yataghan or “Laz Bichaq”. The Laz name is derived from the Ethnic group of Laz (or Lazi) people inhabiting the south east shores of the black sea near the Turkey – Georgia border.

The Laz Bichaq sword is characterized by the deeply re-curving narrow and long single edge blade and bifurcated horn pommel – a rather unusual shape for a fighting sword. But the fact that this sword maintained it peculiar shape for centuries speak for itself in its favor.

The Laz Bichaq sword offered here is of the classical form. 21 inches blade, nicely fullered and signed with a maker sign in two spots. Classical shape handle with forked black horn pommel. Original and complete scabbard, bound with leather strips (hard to find it in such an excellent condition) and with the center section bound with the original violet colored velvet fabric.

Blade 21 inches. Total length 28 inches. very good plus condition. original and authentic sword, late 19 – early 20 C.



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