Rare and Large 18 C. “Bank” Sickle Dagge. Deccan, India

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Origin: Deccan, India

Date: Late 17 - Early 18 C.


The Bank Is a rare type of an Indian sickle shaped knife favored  by the Mahratta warriors. Edge on the inner curved side of the blade. Styled bird head pommel shaped. Popular as from the 17C and exist well into the end of the 19 C.

This specimen offered here is an early example, very early 18 C or may be earlier from the Deccan. Strong and heavy sickle shaped blade. Gilded copper handle  (Now worn), styled with an elephant head pommel with silver tusks.

Blade  7  inches wide (Point to point), 10 mm thick at the forte. Total length 10 1/2 inches. Very good condition to age. Blade with old even patina . Minor crack on the grip. Losses to the gilding. One tusks is half chipped. Massive and impressive artifact.



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