Rare and Fine Early 17 C. Tanjore Katar dagger

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Origin: Tanjore , India

Date: Early 17 C.


Earlier Kattars  specifically from central and south India were composed of a separate blade, either specifically forged or cut down from a sword blade which was  riveted to the handle. Most sought after are kattars fro Tanjore with beautifully p[ierced and chiseled handles.

The Tanjore kattar offered here is from the first quarter of the 17 C. employing a European double-edged blade with shallow fullers marked with a maker mark and with traces of inscription. ‘Pour Rey’ can be seen.  Pierced and chiseled langets with chiseled fish and birds . Oval guard, with a flaring side bars  finely pierced and chiseled with foliage pattern and a image of an  heron at the base and with a Yali headed creature and a pair of fish at the top. Massive cross bars. Catalogue Number D59 is painted on the blade.

Blade 15 inches (38cm). Total length 22inches (56 cm). Good condition to age.

Several similar kattars also with images of herons and yali headed creatures in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Also shown in R. Elgood book : “Hindu Arms and Ritual”  pages  157- 159

Tanjore kattars with similar chiseling and piercing of the side bars, also with images of heron and yali headed creature are on the book: P. Holstein “Armes Orientales II” Plate XVII fig 197, 198

Provenance: Roy Elvis Collection (1944-2022)

Price: On request


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