Rare and Fine Broad Sword from Bukhara

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Origin: Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Date: Mid 19 C.

Swords and other bladed weapons  from Bukhara (and Uzbekistan in general) takes form of similar blades from both the Persian and the Indian arsenal. However there are few rare exemplars styled in west European shapes but structured and decorated in a typical Bukhara styles.  A typical most beautiful and intriguing decoration technique in Bukharin decorative arts is the use of  Turquoise stones in and array of small stones or in a mosaic of  small fragments of stones. This technique is applied to many decorative arts implements: Jewelry boxes, belts and buckles, umbrella handles as well as swords and daggers mounts.

The broad sword exhibited here is such a rare example. Straight broad blade forged from crucible (watered, wootz) steel of very delicate pattern. The blade is of flattened-diamond section with a full-length slender fuller framed by a pair of lines on each side  curving at the top on a rectangular pierced ricasso. Nielloed silver hilt with a band of turquoise stones.

Blade  25 1/2 inches (65 cm). Total length 31 inches (79 cm). Very good condition. Few missing turquoise stones D guard missing. very rare and fine sword. Mid 19C. Bukhara.

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