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Rare and Early Fine Ottoman Kard with Enameled Hilt

Early Enameled Ottoman Kard

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9,495$ Exl. VAT

Origin: Turkey

Date: Early 18 C.

The handle of this small fine kard knife is a classical exemplar of Turkish / Ottoman enamel work. Light blue and dark blue enamel in gold frames on copper base. It reminds in a way the colors and texture of the early Ottoman ceramic works. The handle pommel is set with large square cut emerald stone. Early 18 C. or earlier.

This kard employs a watered steel (wootz) blade of high contrast pattern. Blade 6 1/2 inches long with 4 1/2 inches back edge. Total length 10 inches. very good condition.

This Kard comes with a later , 19C. silver scabbard shown below in the last photos. Rare early knife.


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