Rare 18C. Italian Socket Bayonet

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Origin: Italy

Date: Late 17 - Early 18 C.


Socket Bayonets replaced the earlier plug bayonet in the second half of the 17 C. It allowed to fire the gun also when the bayonet was mounted on the barrel. Socket bayonet seen extended use in military affairs In the 18 C. and well into the 19C.  Less common was the use of socket bayonets in civilian affairs, for hunting purposes and on shotguns.

The bayonet offered here is a civilian exemplar, probably an hunting implement, Italian Late 17C. or a bit later. Massive single edge blade with double edge tip. Deeply fullered. Traces of engraving on the blade forte.

Blade 10 inches long. Total length 14 1/2  inches, Good condition to age. Light pitting on the blade.



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