Rare 18 C. Sliding Double Wootz Kattar Set – Mogul, India

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Origin: North India

Date: 18 C.


The Kattar push dagger is one of the most common and known blades of the Indian arsenal. It was probably originating in the Deccan 15 C. It comes in endless number of sizes, shapes , styles, decoration and quality, sometimes as Scissors blades or in sets of multiple kattars.

The rare kattar offered here is one of such unusual combinations: A set of two kattars, a smaller one  sliding into the blade of the bigger kattar. Both blades forged from high quality watered steel (wootz) of high contrast pattern. The outer blade with a flat diamond cross section and a  shallow central rib. The inner one with a lentil cross section. Both with reinforced edges. Gold washed classical handles (Now faded)

Blades 7 and 8 1/2 inches (17 and 22 cm) . Total length 14 and 16 inches (37 and 41 cm)Very good condition. Original polish and etching of the blades. Losses to the gold wash especially on the outer handle. No scabbard.  Very rare and unusual  18 C. set.

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