Persian Wootz Shamshir Sword Made for a Youngster

Shamshir Sword Made for a Youngster

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Origin: Persia

Date: 19C.


Arms and armor made for boys and youngsters were a common in the western world. Swords, Daggers Shields and full armor were made to fit in size to the young man that was supposed to carry it. In the eastern world, mainly Persia and India similar arms and armor were produced specifically for youngsters. All in the same forging and decoration techniques as the full size articles.

The short Shamshir sword offered here is in this class. Persian 19C. well made watered (wootz) steel blade with gold inlay decoration and inscriptions. Steel cross guard, grip strip and pommel cap Walrus grips.

Blade 27 inches. Total length 31 inches. Very good condition. Handle partly restored. No scabbard.



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