Persian Qama Dagger with Very Fine Watered Steel (Wootz) Blade

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1,795$ Exl. VAT

Origin: Persia

Date: 18 C. or earlier


Qama refers to double edge dagger with parallel edges and I shaped handle. It  follows the general style of the Roman Gladius. Qama daggers are found all over thevast region of the Ottoman empire, Caucasus, Central Asia countries , Persia and may be further east.

The Qama offered here is Persian, 18 C. Fantastic blade forged from beautiful watered steel (Wootz) with clear high contrast pattern and double fullers. Steel handle. Original fabric covered scabbard with a steel hanging ring for the belt, decorated with koftgari gold inlay.

Blade length 11 inches (28 cm). Total length 15 1/2 (40 cm). Very good condition. Grip side seam slightly open. Scabbard fabric lightly stained. Fine authentic 18 C. dagger.



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