Persian Karabela Style Sword

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Origin: Persia

Date: mid - late 19 C.

The Karabela sword was originated in Poland in the 17 C. Turkish / Islamic influence is evident in the design and the dimension of the Karabela sword. Specifically the one sided pommel, the open guard and the heavy blade. Rather fast the Karabela was adopted by the Turkish as well as other East European military forces and diffused also into the Persian armories.

The sword offered here is Persian, 19C. with a Karabela style handle. Heavy blade. may be of European origin. Wood grips with steel grip strap and classical Persian cross guard with down curving quillons. Original covered scabbard with steel band for belt hanging and chased brass chape (later).

BladeĀ  30 inches (76 cm). Total length 37 inches (94 cm), Very good condition.



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