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Pedang Lurus Short Sword, Java, Indonesia

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Origin: Java, Indonesia

Date: Early 19 C.


The Pedang Lurus is coming from Java, Indonesia. It is a fascinating mix of a European hunting sword and Indonesian sword making techniques and decoration. The European influence is displayed in the straight blade  (Actually not exactly straight but slightly curved), the short massive cross guard and the slightly slanted handle. The Indonesian influence is represented by the Pamor steel blade , the decoration style and the excessive use of chased silver.  Pedang Lurus swords appears as early as the 17 C from about the establishment of the Dutch East India Company, and many of the early swords employ a European blade,  sometimes signed V.O.C (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie – United East India Company).

The Pedang Lurus offered here is of very fine quality. Massive blade forged from very good pamor steel. Chased silver handle with the “Kirtimukha” mythological  monster face with huge fangs, and gaping mouth. Wood scabbard covered with silver, chased in a classical Javanese style.

Blade 20 inches. Total length 26 inches. Very good plus condition. very minor dents.



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