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Parang Nabur Sword from Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Origin: Kalimantan

Date: 19 C.


The Parang Nabur swords are the perfect blend of European and Indonesian styles.  It  originates from BanjarmasinSouth Kalimantan,  strongly influenced from the naval cutlasses carried by the Dutch sailors. In its classical shape it has a short heavy and curved blade widening toward  the tip and with a short false edge dropping to the edge at the blade tip. The handle is equipped with a D guard combined with a cross guard.

The Nabur sword offered here is slightly different and of rare form. The blade ricasso carry a Badduh, the magic square commonly found on Eastern swords, Arabic figures  brass inlaid to the blade. The handle is horn with extended split pommel mounted with white metal mounts. Open white metal D guard. Wood scabbard with chased  locket and chape bound with many white metal bands.

Blade 21 1/2 inches. Total length 30 inches. Very good condition. Old professional repair on the handle horn.



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