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Pair of Fine Turkish / Ottoman Palaska – Bullet Containers

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: 19C.


The Turkish word Palaska refers to all belts, pouches boxes and other means to hold cartridges and ammunition.  In the arms and armor collectors community it refers mainly to the box shaped metal bullet containers. It appears in the 18 C. with the spread of barrel loaded fire arms in the Ottoman empire. All has quite a standard shape of a metal box with top open lid and rear belt attachment loop. Similar containers are found in all the middle east countries, Balkans area and Eastern Europe.  Palaskas comes in a wide variety of qualities and decorations.

The pair of Palaskas (Not identical) offered here are of classical shapes but very highly chased and decorated. A brass one and a gilded silver one with copper back.

4 1/2 inches wide, 4 inches tall. Very good condition. Authentic 19 C. containers.



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