Outstanding Large Size Karud Dagger from Bukhara

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Origin: Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Date: Late 19 C.


Swords and other bladed weapons  from Bukhara (and Uzbekistan in general) takes form of similar blades from both the Persian and the Indian arsenal. Shamshirs, Pesh Kabz as well as other Indo-Persian blades are common in the Bukhara arsenal with local styles of decoration.

A most beautiful and intriguing decoration technique in Bukharin  decorative arts is the Turquoise mosaic. Many small fragments of Turquoise stones are set in brass or silver frames. This technique is applied to many decorative arts implements: Jewelry boxes, belts and buckles, umbrella handles as well as swords and daggers mounts.

The  Karud knife / dagger shown here is a fine example of the above: A Indian large size Karud dagger equipped with finely made chased brass scabbard with turquoise  mosaic decoration.

Large heavy blade forged from very high quality watered steel (wootz) mounted with a massive single piece of walrus tusk grip.  The scabbard is finely chased and both the scabbard mouth and the tip are set with this classical turquoise mosaic decoration.

Blade  15 inches. Total length (in scabbard) 23 inches. Very good condition. Few pieces of turquoise are missing. An impressive  fine and rare 19 C. Karud.

Provenance: “Oriental-Arms” private collection
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