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Ottoman Qama Dagger Set with Corals and Turquoise Stones

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Origin: Ottoman Empire

Date: Late 18 C.


Decoration with corals and turquoise was a common style in the Ottoman empire especially in Turkey. Large number of ribbed drop shaped corals and small turquoise stones were arranged in geometrical order on the front face of silver handle and scabbards on knives, daggers and even full size Pala swords.  This style of decoration appears  in the 18C. and was in use well into the 19C.

The Qama dagger offered here beautifully employ this decoration technique. more than 90 drop shaped coral  and about 50 small turquoise stones are set on the handle and scabbard, including several bigger stones. Of special interest is the larger central oval stone engraved with Arabic letter, probably the name of the Qama owner.  The nicely forged blade with a central fuller is richly inlaid with gold koftgari writing in Arabic style on both faces, and what might be a  date of 1187 in the Islamic calendar (1773 in the Gregorian calendar).  The back side of the scabbard and handle is deeply and richly chased in floral theme.

Blade 9 1/2 inches (24 cm). Total length 17 inches (43 cm). Very good condition Minor dent on the back side of the handle. Fine and rare authentic Qama dagger.

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