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Ottoman / Albanian Khanjar Dagger

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Origin: Albania

Date: Late 19 C.


Ottoman Khanjar daggers are found all over the region but especially in the Balkan on the western borders of the empire. All have some similarities  but differs in size, shape, materials and decorations. Khanjars from Albania are usually identified in the collectors community by the extended tips on the pommel and the cross guard.

The Khanjar offered here is late 19 C., of classical shape and dimensions. Double edged blade with a central rib. The blade forte is densly decorated with gold koftgari work. The big I shaped handle is carved from a single piece of walrus tusk and show the extended tips of the cross guard and the pommel. Beautifully chased silver scabbard.

Blade 111/2 inches (29 cm). Total length 22 inches (56 cm). Very good condition. The tip of the scabbard is later.



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