Ornamental Silver Plated Piha Kaetta Dagger by Barbedienne

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Origin: Paris, France

Date: 1870-1875


A Silver Plated Piha Kaetta Dagger by Barbedienne.

Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892), Parisian cast bronze master of the 19C. cooperated with the ornamentalist Louis Constant Sevin and the metal chaser and carver Desire, to produce thousands of cast art bronze. Their works awarded them with many international prizes. In the second half of the 19C. with the increasing demands in Europe for Oriental and Asian art styles, Barberienne produced several silver plated daggers in the style of the Sri-Lankan traditional knife / dagger, the Piha Kaetta.

One of this limited series is offered here. Heavy and thick silver plated brass knife. The blade is 9 inches long pierced and finely chiseled in a very decorative floral design. So are the handle and bolsters. The scabbard is covered with red velvet fabric and mounted with fine silver locket and chape. The maker name F. BARBEDIENE is engraved on the pommel. Total length 14 inches. Very good plus condition. A very fine and interesting item.

For a similar knife see Bonhams, Islamic and Indian art auction, October 2015, Lot 95


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