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Old Jimpul Head Hunting Sword, Dayak, Kalimantan

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Origin: Kalimantan (Borneo)

Date: Late 19 C.

The Jimpul is a member in the family of heavy machete like swords of the Sea Dayak and the Kenyah people of Kalimantan (Borneo). Other members of the family are the Mandau, the Langgai Tinggang  and the Niabor as well as few others. All associated with the head hunting tradition. All share similarities but differ in the blade shapes and dimensions.

The Jimpul is characterized by the heavy curved blade of flat blade faces and symmetrical wedge shaped cross section. The L shaped handle is similar to other members of the family. .

This Jimpul has a heavy up curving blade with deep fullers, decorated with series of 9 brass inserts at the base and  filed and pierced on the spine near the blade tip. Beautifully carved L shaped bone handle. Original carved wood scabbard bound with rattan and other bands.

Blade 20 inches long 10 mm thick. Total length 22 inches. Very good condition. Original and authentic, late 19 C. sword.

IFICAH International Foundation of Indonesian Culture and Asian Heritage,  Hollenstedt, Germany


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