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Moro Kris sword with Interesting blade

Moro Kris Sword

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Origin: Mindanao, Philippines

Date: Early 20 C.


An unusual feature of this Kris sword is the blade which is forged from two steel pieces in a technique known as scarf welding – A common technique used in forging fighting swords in India. A harder short piece at the top of the blade is forge welded to a more flexible steel that forms the rest of the blade. This technique gives the blade both strength and flexibility without the need to forge the whole blade from expensive hard steel.

In this kris sword, the top 5 inches of the blade are forged from laminated steel. May be a secondary use of an older broken blade, with the belief that the remains of the old sword will grant it special strength. The welding of the two parts is very well done and almost un noticed.

The grip is covered with finely chased silver. Cockatoo shaped pommel from water buffalo horn decorated with engraved silver plaques. Two silver clamps (Baka – Baka) hold the Ganja in position.
Blade 22 inches, total length 28 inches. Very good condition.




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