Monstrous Persian Qama Sword

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Origin: Persia or a neighboring country

Date: Mid 19 C.


Oversized Qama swords rarely appears in the market. With Gigantic blades of 40 inches and more and weight of 3,5 – 4.5 Kg, they justfully can be named “Qama to end all Qamas” ¬† The origin and use of these monsters is questionable. Most likely Persian or Persian influenced swords from peripheral countries north or west to Iran.

The Qama offered here has a huge 40 inches long blade 4 inches wide, double edged with two fullers on its entire length. The blades is etched in a pattern to imitate welded steel. Human faces and letters in Armenin style are also etched on the blade. The grips are black horn with carved human figures and floral design.  Tooled leather covered wood scabbard with large steel locket and chape also densely etched in the same pattern as the blade.

Blade 40 inches long, 4 inches wide. Total length 57 inches. Weight 4.2 Kg. Very good condition. The tip of the chape is a later replacement. To demonstrate the huge dimensions it is photographed below next to a more common 22 inches Qama.

The shape of the sword as well as the decoration suggest a Qajar period mid 19 C. work. or Qajar style copied in one of Persia neighboring countries, anywhere from Tajikistan in the northeast to Syria in the west.

For a similar, slightly smaller sword see: Anthony C. Tirry: “Islamic Weapons Maghrib to Moghul” page 206, fig 143, wrongly identified as Quadara. This sword was purchased in Jerusalem in 1918 by an American visitor and after many years of traveling all around the globe ended up in Tirry collection. For more details on this sword see


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