Monstrous Koumaya Dagger “Chapeau de Gendarme”, Morocco

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Origin: Morocco

Date: Early 20C.

Koumaya daggers titled “Chapeau de Gendarme” (The hat of the policeman) are so called after the shape of the pommel. Most are of normal dimensions, 16-17 inches long, few though appears in the market with unusual large size. up to 22 inches ( 56 cm). The functionality and use of such large daggers is questionable. May be advertisement for a Koumaya makers ? Or a presentation item ?. Yet  the ones we have seen employ a good quality well forged blades, so probably these are not tourist souvenirs.

We offer here such a monstrous koumaya dagger. Very well made blade with nice fuller and thick spine. Handle in the “Chapeau de Gendarme” shape  but of very large dimensions. Both the handle and the scabbard are made of brass with a chased thin silver sheet on the front side. Both set with large red glass inserts. To demonstrate the size it is shown below next to a more common size Koumaya.

Blade 10 inches. Handle 7 inches wide. Total length 20 inches. Very good condition. Minor dents on the brass back face. small repairs on the scabbard mouth. Old, probably early 20 C.


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