Matched Pair of Ram Dao Sacrificial Swords

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Origin: North India

Date: Early 20C.


Massive Ram Dao swords were originated in Nepal and were used also in North India and Bengal in rituals worship the Goddess kali.  The heavy sword was  to behead  sacrificial animals, buffalo bulls, goats  and sheep in one sword blow.

The Ram Dao blade is commonly decorated with floral design along the top of the blade, ending in a styled Makara head, all  in brass inlay. A brass engraved on the blade signifies the presence of the goddess as she watches over the sacrifice. Some time a floral rosette and a styled trident (The Trisula of Shiva) are also inlaid in brass on one side of the blade.

The matched pair of Ram Dao swords offered hear presents  all these classical symbols: The floral design, the Makara head, The watching eye, the brass rosette and the Shiva Trisula.  Also brass strips are inserted into the spine.  Turned wood two handed handles thick bolsters and spine are all made these swords perfect for their intended use.  

Blades 20 inches each. Total length 27 inches. Very good condition. Authentic late 19C. swords.

A similar Ram Dao sword is on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, NY,  accession number 36.25.1285



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