Mambeli / Boa / Zande Straight Long Sword

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Origin: Democratic Republic of Congo

Date: Mid 20 C.

Mambeli straight swords were manufactured and used in large numbers between many neighboring tribes in the D.R.C (Democratic Republic of Congo). In somewhat contradiction to the endless shapes of blades from the region, the design of theĀ  MambeliĀ  straight sword is rather simple and effective: Straight double edge blade, widening to maximum at about the upper third of the blade and ending in a spear point tip. Blades are found in great variety of dimensions, from the common 18 inches short sword to rare gigantic 36 inches (92 cm) long.

The straight sword offered here follow the classical design of these swords but it is of very large dimensions. Total length of 34 inches (87 cm), maximum width of 3 1/2 inches. It is very well forged with shallow fullers. Wood handle. To demonstrate it size it is shown below next to classical similar sword but only 20 inches long.

Very good condition. Patinated blade with blackened areas. No scabbard. Authentic and rare mid 20C. sword


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