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Burmese or Thai Ceremonial Spear

Malayan Ceremonial Sper

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Origin: Burma or Thai

Date: Late 19 C.


A fine silver mounted spear, probably Burmese. Steel blade of flat Diamond cross section. Haft covered with silver with hair crown at the top. This spear was collected in the 1900’s by Lt. Col. Harvey – Kelly (See below).

The silver work suggests a Burmese or Thai origin. Harvey – Kelly mentioned above served in Burma, hence the Burmese attribution.

Blade 12 1/2 inches. Total 68 inches. Very good condition. Minor dents n the silver.

Provenance: From the collection of LT. COL. HARVEY ST. GEORGE HUME HARVEY-KELLY, 1880–1946, British officer of the Indian Army, who served between 1900 and 1928 in India, Tibet, Burma, north-western Persia and Waziristan.


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