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Very Fine and Rare Bali Keris Dagger with Ivory Hilt

Bali Keris Dagger

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Origin: Bali, Indonesia

Date: Late 19C.

Bali kerises with ivory hilts are considered rather scarce. Most of the Bali keris ivory hilts are flat without or with minimal carving. In the 20C. carved ivory hilts became more popular. Hence, carved ivory hilts from the 19 C. are hard to find.

The Bali keris shown here is late 19C. , With a finely carved ivory hilt. Wood scabbard painted with gold and red colors. Blade 14 inches long. Total length 22 1/2 inches. Very good condition. The blade needs a good polish and etch to bring out the pamor structure.

This keris was exhibited in the East and West exhibition, East Indian Weapon sector, The Hague, Netherlands 1900. A black and white photo of items exhibited is shown below. This very keris is shown in the lower right corner of the photo. Hence our estimate on the early age of this keris


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